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What do I mean by “Transformation” regarding my treatments and writing from the forthcoming book by Ben Barnett

Transforming health vs. fixing Illness

I am using the Phrase “Transforming Health” to mean something very specific. I mean to take the state of health and wellbeing and not just fix something, not just improve it or reduce some undesirable experience, but to cause a state change where something that was there, no longer is, or something that was not available, is. I am not suggesting that if your client comes in with pain in their lower back that by treating them they will never have lower back pain ever again! All of us have had aches and pains in pretty much every part of our body at some point or another. That does not mean that you have a “bad Back” or “problem knee” Consider there is a fundamental mental shift required to have someone who relates to themselves as having a weak point in their body to alter their relationship to that part of themselves. For them to not automatically think they are going back to how they have been when they wake up with a sensation in their back or knee takes more than just physical work.

As I said earlier most of us don’t meet our clients until they are “ill”. Western attitudes to health and wellbeing is generally, wait til its broke then fix it! It relates to health and wellbeing as being “good” and Illness being “bad”. The problem is that we tend to hold on to and even covet the good and reject or avoid the bad. How many of you see feeling ill as being a good thing and how many clients would admit that having a problem buys them something or gets them out of something?

I want you to consider that feeling ill(- at ease) is a good thing! By that I mean that right now it is virtually guaranteed that your body is not working at 100% optimum capacity. It would be difficult even to know what the true potential of your body is right now. Your body is dealing with a multitude of minor and more substantial Dis- eases and it just goes along not telling you about it! Often serious illness occurs in the body over weeks, months or even years without the client getting pain or a reduction in quality of life. This has led us to centre our treatment around removing pain or fixing whatever is reducing our physical quality of life. What if Pain and illness is the body’s way of alerting us to some Dis-function which we (the part of us that is not our body) is not dealing with, ignoring or tolerating?

What if pain and dysfunction is the body’s way of letting us know where we should concentrate our efforts in order to maximise or even expand our potential to experience health and wellbeing? Rather like growing pains in the adolescent, symptoms can be used to identify the most immediate opportunity to expand ourselves! Instead of something to avoid and remove sensations in the body become something to get interested in and listen to!

We tend to think of ourselves as being an individual when it comes to health and well being. Consider that both Science at a fundamental quantum level and Holistic or Complementary thinking both say that everything in the universe is connected to everything else. If it’s true that we are all one, is it possible to catch something from yourself? What happens to the normal models of therapy and treatment when you begin to look at the extended body? Where does the subtle body end and the outside world begin? If there is no real separation, can anything ever really happen by accident?

If you step out of the world of fixing your clients and into the world of being able to expand their experience of health and wellbeing, a question arises; how far can you take this? Can the chronically “in pain” be pain free? Can the average become the exceptional?

My personal experience has been that I have been able to dramatically reduce knee and lower back pain sensation within a few minutes of my client beginning their session. This had not only allowed me to work on clients who have not been able to have effective physical therapy in the past but to give clients the tools to manage their own pain.

I have been able to increase my own flexibility and reduce my response to injury.
The information in this book can be use within exercise practices such as Yoga, Pilates and gym work. It can be used in real time to clear discomfort in the body during exercise, through visualisation. I have had clients who, as an accidental by product of their treatments with me have been pushing their personal trainers to work out at higher and higher levels!

I have also been able to have clients speed up and expand their ability to cause results in their life! From winning competitions to selling their house! Given that their life ( and yours) occurs in their emotional and mental body this is not so miraculous, but think of the implications. Imagine being able to locate where disempowering beliefs are being held in their body, being able to feel and alter the effect of them on your client and then reinforce the physical work you are doing with them on a mental level, aligning the thoughts of your client with the work you are doing. Instead of trying to distract your client’s mind, you can align them mentally and emotionally with whatever goal you and your client create together. My client’s choose how they want to feel at the end of their treatments. Not just relaxed or more flexible, but things like “FREE” or “confident” or “energised” and they leave with the experience of feeling whatever they create. This is something that it is possible to consistently and specifically create with your client’s every single treatment!

If you step out of the world of separation and into the world of connection and communication, every experience, every person and every sensation can tell you something about you, your health and ways to expand your potential. In the world of connection EVERY emotion and every thought has an effect on the physical body. You can empower your clients to transform their health and wellbeing by understanding the relationship between their Thoughts, Emotions and their Physical body.

This is a section from the forthcoming Book for Health Professionals and their clients

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Mini Meditations: 10 mins of Transformation in your pocket

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The Massage during Pregnancy treatment with Transformational meditation

Holistic Therapies by Ben Barnett Introduces

Ben Barnett Pregnancy specialist

The picture above shows me giving a Hydrotherm pregnancy massage to a model who was 8 ½ months pregnant.

Hydrotherm allows full body massage with the client laid on their back by supporting them on a cushion of warm water. For Pregnant clients you can incline the back of my table to around 30 degrees, reducing the affect of the foetus on the breathing and circulation of the mother.

I have been treating pregnant clients for over 10 years and I am qualified to teach the Massage during Pregnancy course designed by Hydrotherm’s training team, a lecturer in complementary therapies for midwives, and revised by the Obstetrics specialists for Estee Lauder’s subsidiary, Aveda
a multi-million dollar Spa product and treatment provider, that I worked for at the Aveda spa Harvey Nichols and Harrods for over 3 years combined.

I have treated several celebrities during their pregnancies as well as demonstrating the system at a number of NCT events around the country.

I have also developed a guided meditation which helps pregnant women to address some of the concerns that affect the mood, energy and connection between mother and baby, which I developed as my wife was pregnant with Angelina, my first child.

Benefits of the treatment include:

Helps with the physical affects of pregnancy:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • wrist, ankle and knee discomfort

The guided visualisation helps to adrees mental concerns and emotional tension related to:

  • Concerns about What it is to be a new mother
  • the responsibility /pressure that new mothers can put themselves under
  • balancing what the baby wants/needs and what the mother needs
  • Remaining at the centre of your life and balancing making the baby “special ” or “too important”

One comment from Lindesy Charters, a pregnant client:

Being 8 months pregnant and feeling stressed, fat and frumpy I felt the need for a massage. I was a little aprehensive about booking a massage whilst pregnant, not knowing if this was a wise thing to do. I ran into Ben in St. Margaret’s and a discussion followed regarding the benefits of massage during pregnancy. Ben explained this was his speciality and being reassured I booked a Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage.

This proved to be a truly relaxing experience. The warmth of the water cushion and the 30 degree tilt immediately allowed me to feel calm and rested. Throughout the treatment this experience deepened, causing me to focus on different areas of my body and mind releasing tensions and frustrations.

Ben’s gentle tone and soothing words stayed with me throughout and allowed me to feel a deep sense of relaxation and freedom. I had a restful nights sleep and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone but especially those who are pregnant.

Check out my “testimonial tab” on my facebook page

For a free 15 minute demonstration of this treatment for anyone ( pregnant or not) Please call me on 07891 33 99 43 or email me on

Other information about my other specialisations can be found on :, Facebook : Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett and

mini meditations that address stress held in the body can be found at


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New price list

Check out blog about New London Venues for more details


Holistic Therapies By Ben Barnett

I provide top class Holistic therapies specialising on how your body absorbs tension and stress
from your environments like work, family, relationships .
I can help you clear out what is there from the past, stop future worries affecting your health and
feel the way you want to feel.

Signature treatments:                                                                             local/ London or travel

Hydrotherm Transformational Massage:              60 mins                £ 95/135
(min 2 people for travel)

Hydrotherm Transformational massage:              30 mins                £ 50/75

(min 3 people for travel)

Auricular Acupuncture                                                  45 mins                £50/65
( min 2 people for travel)

Deep tissue massage                                                     45 mins                     £80/100
(min 2 people for travel)

Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage                             60mins                 £90/110 (min 2 people for travel)

An evening with Ben Barnett Holistic Therapist

Have a group of friends/ family experience 15 min taster session with a brief introductory talk and
question session in your own home.                                                       £170 maximum of 10 people

 Virtual Spa Day by HTBB:

Have me come to your venue for a day (10am-6pm) and create a virtual spa space with incredible treatments bespoke to each  person. Have whatever combination of treatments you want.


Find out about me and what I do at:                          Holistic Therapies by Ben Barnett

Twitter: thedarkhealer             

                               To reconnect to the space of my treatments or get a first time sense of how my work works, why not download a “MINI MEDITATION BY HTBB” 

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tip of the day relates to the experience of resistance

Key areas of the body that relate to resistance:

Jaw and TMJ joint relates to resistance to expressing what you are thinking or about to say

Anterior Deltoid relates to resisting getting something done or trying to hold people and life at a safe distance

Buttox and thighs relate to expecting the path ahead to be difficult, complicated or people to resist your efforts to make progress.

Heels relate to allowing stubborness to dominate your experience of yourself or your interations with other people.

Notice where you have already decided that things or people will be resistant in some way and where you are coping or resigned to the resistance without expressing how it is for you. Then either express it or just stop resisting the resistance. Notice how your body feels and how your interaction with life alters.

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Today’s HTBB tip of the day: confrontation

Focus around the top of the back of your shoulders just above your shoulder blades and the top of your chest. As you do notice those people in your life that you have had major confrontations with in the past and how much of your planning, speaking and acting comes from trying to avoid arguments and confrontation in the future. Feel this like a shield made of words and actions around your shoulders and upper chest. Then take a deep breath and imagine not needing that sheild and the freedom, lightness and release that can be there instead. Notice how your shoulders and arms feel.

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Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett Tips for the day:

This one relates to the abdomen and digestive system and the concept of being attached or attaching parts of life together.

Notice where you are attaching your feelings to particular people or things e.g. I have to have money to be happy or My family make me sad. Then acknowledge that you are the one who is having those things be linked together and that they can exist separately.

Then imagine each area on its own, disconnected from anything else and expand it until
you are standing inside of a bubble made of the concept e.g. standing inside of a bubble of
happiness or surrounded by your family. Keep separating thoughts, feelings and associations until each can exist on its own e.g. money is not good/bad/necessary/unecessary it is just money.

Then choose moment by moment what to have surrounding you, not to get something else but just because you choose it!



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1 day introduction to Environment Centred Living (ECL)

A course designed to leave you deeply related to yourself and your environments and able to start to affect your health and wellbeing from the centre of your life.

Overview of the day:
Morning- Concepts

  • Introduction to the relationship between your consciousness, your body as a physical vehicle and your environment.
  • Introduction to the idea of multi-dimensional environments, including the difference and connection between physical, emotional and conceptual environments.
  • The 2 main pathways in ECL (conceptual and experiential).
  • The key levels the 2 pathways manifest in the physical body.

Afternoon- Practical Techniques

  • Recognising the effect of each system on the health and wellbeing
    of yourself or another.
  • Common situations and experiences.

Date Monday 10th January 2011
Venue Walletts Court Hotel, St Margarets, Kent CT15 6EW
Cost: £90 includes refreshments and hot lunch
Early Bird booking £75 (if paid before 15th Dec 2010)

For information about overnight stay and spa breaks:

For more information about me and the results my techniques can produce: or Facebook: Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett

Contact me: 07891 339943 or e-mail


Downloadable flyer Ben Barnett Workshop flyer (revised)

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Some positivity to balance the announcements today of future job losses

Hello Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett fans,

Some good news ( for me anyway) check out my website for a 4 page article in this months Easy Living magazine about Mind/Body work including an interview with me!

I thought I would share with you a little of my understanding around the concept of “security” which I think will be an area of concern for many during these difficult times.

The base of the spine relates to the realisation of an idea or the completion of a goal. Often “Wealth” or “Security” whether emotional or financial is the motivation for us to do what we are doing within work or chase what we chase outside in terms of where we put our efforts.

If you equate security to the completion of a task then you project your security to whenever the task is completed, leaving a lack of security in the present. This becomes a problem when the pathway e.g. Job/relationship you were expecting to lead you to security becomes at risk or worse still is lost.

Separating Security from the end of something, e.g a task, a job or a relationship allows it to be present even when the vehicle for it, the job etc. is not! This leaves you secure right now with what you have and what you do not have. This frees up the lower back from the legs ( Your transportation from where you are to where you are going) and from the shoulder blades ( effort, burden and hard work ) In this way instead of security having to come to you the way you usually get it, it can come from unexpected places, opening up new pathways into the future!.

If you feel that you or anyone you know would benefit from 60 mins releasing their ordinary relationship with security and creating an abundance of security from within, please book a session with me by contacting me below:

Direct tel no. 07891 33 99 43

Email :

on Facebook: “Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett”

Twitter : “thedarkhealer”


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