Why is “Holistic Health” The most important thing to address in 2013

So why is holistic health the most important thing for you to address in 2013?

If I asked you what is the most important aspect of your life to have expanded in 2013 you might say money , career, happiness, love, family or some other aspect of your life before the word health came to mind.

What I mean by holistic health is not just the health of one part of your body, or even the health of your mind, body and soul – whatever that is. I mean each part of your life thriving growing working synergistically with each other part of your life and you!

What’s the point in having millions in the bank and being too unhealthy physically to Enjoy it?

What’s the point in being a perfect physical specimen and yet being alone with no social skills and no opportunity to be in a relationship? Or being so out of shape that your love life and relationship with your children or Grandchildren suffers?

I believe that it is not until we stop settling for one or two aspects of our self and our life going well and the rest being okay with others being shriveled or stuck, That our true ability to have life thrive will be realised.

I watched a TV program yesterday http://www.tvguide.co.uk/detail.asp?id=144319644 about 50 horrific facts about health and well being. These included information about diet drinks actually having people put on weight and new Research about how exercising 3 min a week can have you been healthier and fitter!!

I have long held personal and quite radical beliefs about the relationship between exercise,diet, Thought and health.

What amazes me is how much we are allowing people we don’t even know to tell us about what is healthy for us personally and not listening to our body, our environment ( home work etc) together instead of separately.

Would you keep going to listen to a Band where 2 of the 5 band members were great but The others average and one was rubbish? The Affect of one off Key Band member:

Do you pretend its ok if 4 of your fingers are healthy but you cant bend your thumb?

The impact of “compartmentalisation” in Health, and wellbeing ( The opposite of Holistic Health) is becoming more and more apparent. Just try exercising 5 times a week and only eating junk food and watch what happens. Or Put your average Bodybuilder in a Yoga Class and just observe! What happens when Yoga and Bodybuilding worlds collide?

What I am suggesting is that the healthy-ness of each part of our lives is directly connected to the healthy-ness of all other parts of our life and the healthy-ness of our body. Find the key parts, not just the obvious symptoms and unlock the whole thing!!

What if just like An Acorn holds the potential of the whole magnificent Oak Tree within it, our body represents the totality of our potential in the whole of our life.

Which part of your body would be related to the health/disease of your thoughts, your communication, your actions or your happiness? Which Parts would be related to the health of your career, your love life, your sex life?

These questions have shaped what I do with my clients over the last 19 years, how I live my life and how I have my health continue to thrive ( people seem to be very surprised when i say I am 43 years old)

In 2013 I intend my writing including this blog to assist people in seeing the reflection of any part of life in their own health and wellbeing and thereby affect their health and their life symultaneously.

I Welcome questions and comments and they may become my blogs in the future


About Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett

22 years being World Class Holisitic therapist to the stars and to the ordinary, soon to be published author, Educator, Leader of Transformational Seminars. I guide you to unlock the stress you have absorbed, the potential you are and create you as the pathway through which your ideas can become your reality.
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One Response to Why is “Holistic Health” The most important thing to address in 2013

  1. Karen C says:

    It makes perfect sense to me.

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