The Massage during Pregnancy treatment with Transformational meditation

Holistic Therapies by Ben Barnett Introduces

Ben Barnett Pregnancy specialist

The picture above shows me giving a Hydrotherm pregnancy massage to a model who was 8 ½ months pregnant.

Hydrotherm allows full body massage with the client laid on their back by supporting them on a cushion of warm water. For Pregnant clients you can incline the back of my table to around 30 degrees, reducing the affect of the foetus on the breathing and circulation of the mother.

I have been treating pregnant clients for over 10 years and I am qualified to teach the Massage during Pregnancy course designed by Hydrotherm’s training team, a lecturer in complementary therapies for midwives, and revised by the Obstetrics specialists for Estee Lauder’s subsidiary, Aveda
a multi-million dollar Spa product and treatment provider, that I worked for at the Aveda spa Harvey Nichols and Harrods for over 3 years combined.

I have treated several celebrities during their pregnancies as well as demonstrating the system at a number of NCT events around the country.

I have also developed a guided meditation which helps pregnant women to address some of the concerns that affect the mood, energy and connection between mother and baby, which I developed as my wife was pregnant with Angelina, my first child.

Benefits of the treatment include:

Helps with the physical affects of pregnancy:

  • Lower back pain
  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • wrist, ankle and knee discomfort

The guided visualisation helps to adrees mental concerns and emotional tension related to:

  • Concerns about What it is to be a new mother
  • the responsibility /pressure that new mothers can put themselves under
  • balancing what the baby wants/needs and what the mother needs
  • Remaining at the centre of your life and balancing making the baby “special ” or “too important”

One comment from Lindesy Charters, a pregnant client:

Being 8 months pregnant and feeling stressed, fat and frumpy I felt the need for a massage. I was a little aprehensive about booking a massage whilst pregnant, not knowing if this was a wise thing to do. I ran into Ben in St. Margaret’s and a discussion followed regarding the benefits of massage during pregnancy. Ben explained this was his speciality and being reassured I booked a Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage.

This proved to be a truly relaxing experience. The warmth of the water cushion and the 30 degree tilt immediately allowed me to feel calm and rested. Throughout the treatment this experience deepened, causing me to focus on different areas of my body and mind releasing tensions and frustrations.

Ben’s gentle tone and soothing words stayed with me throughout and allowed me to feel a deep sense of relaxation and freedom. I had a restful nights sleep and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone but especially those who are pregnant.

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For a free 15 minute demonstration of this treatment for anyone ( pregnant or not) Please call me on 07891 33 99 43 or email me on

Other information about my other specialisations can be found on :, Facebook : Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett and

mini meditations that address stress held in the body can be found at



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22 years being World Class Holisitic therapist to the stars and to the ordinary, soon to be published author, Educator, Leader of Transformational Seminars. I guide you to unlock the stress you have absorbed, the potential you are and create you as the pathway through which your ideas can become your reality.
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