New price list

Check out blog about New London Venues for more details


Holistic Therapies By Ben Barnett

I provide top class Holistic therapies specialising on how your body absorbs tension and stress
from your environments like work, family, relationships .
I can help you clear out what is there from the past, stop future worries affecting your health and
feel the way you want to feel.

Signature treatments:                                                                             local/ London or travel

Hydrotherm Transformational Massage:              60 mins                £ 95/135
(min 2 people for travel)

Hydrotherm Transformational massage:              30 mins                £ 50/75

(min 3 people for travel)

Auricular Acupuncture                                                  45 mins                £50/65
( min 2 people for travel)

Deep tissue massage                                                     45 mins                     £80/100
(min 2 people for travel)

Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage                             60mins                 £90/110 (min 2 people for travel)

An evening with Ben Barnett Holistic Therapist

Have a group of friends/ family experience 15 min taster session with a brief introductory talk and
question session in your own home.                                                       £170 maximum of 10 people

 Virtual Spa Day by HTBB:

Have me come to your venue for a day (10am-6pm) and create a virtual spa space with incredible treatments bespoke to each  person. Have whatever combination of treatments you want.


Find out about me and what I do at:                          Holistic Therapies by Ben Barnett

Twitter: thedarkhealer             

                               To reconnect to the space of my treatments or get a first time sense of how my work works, why not download a “MINI MEDITATION BY HTBB” 


About Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett

22 years being World Class Holisitic therapist to the stars and to the ordinary, soon to be published author, Educator, Leader of Transformational Seminars. I guide you to unlock the stress you have absorbed, the potential you are and create you as the pathway through which your ideas can become your reality.
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  1. Nicki Hughes says:

    Now that’s what I call a treatment list! Briliiant!

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