Some positivity to balance the announcements today of future job losses

Hello Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett fans,

Some good news ( for me anyway) check out my website for a 4 page article in this months Easy Living magazine about Mind/Body work including an interview with me!

I thought I would share with you a little of my understanding around the concept of “security” which I think will be an area of concern for many during these difficult times.

The base of the spine relates to the realisation of an idea or the completion of a goal. Often “Wealth” or “Security” whether emotional or financial is the motivation for us to do what we are doing within work or chase what we chase outside in terms of where we put our efforts.

If you equate security to the completion of a task then you project your security to whenever the task is completed, leaving a lack of security in the present. This becomes a problem when the pathway e.g. Job/relationship you were expecting to lead you to security becomes at risk or worse still is lost.

Separating Security from the end of something, e.g a task, a job or a relationship allows it to be present even when the vehicle for it, the job etc. is not! This leaves you secure right now with what you have and what you do not have. This frees up the lower back from the legs ( Your transportation from where you are to where you are going) and from the shoulder blades ( effort, burden and hard work ) In this way instead of security having to come to you the way you usually get it, it can come from unexpected places, opening up new pathways into the future!.

If you feel that you or anyone you know would benefit from 60 mins releasing their ordinary relationship with security and creating an abundance of security from within, please book a session with me by contacting me below:

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About Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett

22 years being World Class Holisitic therapist to the stars and to the ordinary, soon to be published author, Educator, Leader of Transformational Seminars. I guide you to unlock the stress you have absorbed, the potential you are and create you as the pathway through which your ideas can become your reality.
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