Why is “Holistic Health” The most important thing to address in 2013

So why is holistic health the most important thing for you to address in 2013?

If I asked you what is the most important aspect of your life to have expanded in 2013 you might say money , career, happiness, love, family or some other aspect of your life before the word health came to mind.

What I mean by holistic health is not just the health of one part of your body, or even the health of your mind, body and soul – whatever that is. I mean each part of your life thriving growing working synergistically with each other part of your life and you!

What’s the point in having millions in the bank and being too unhealthy physically to Enjoy it?

What’s the point in being a perfect physical specimen and yet being alone with no social skills and no opportunity to be in a relationship? Or being so out of shape that your love life and relationship with your children or Grandchildren suffers?

I believe that it is not until we stop settling for one or two aspects of our self and our life going well and the rest being okay with others being shriveled or stuck, That our true ability to have life thrive will be realised.

I watched a TV program yesterday http://www.tvguide.co.uk/detail.asp?id=144319644 about 50 horrific facts about health and well being. These included information about diet drinks actually having people put on weight and new Research about how exercising 3 min a week can have you been healthier and fitter!!

I have long held personal and quite radical beliefs about the relationship between exercise,diet, Thought and health.

What amazes me is how much we are allowing people we don’t even know to tell us about what is healthy for us personally and not listening to our body, our environment ( home work etc) together instead of separately.

Would you keep going to listen to a Band where 2 of the 5 band members were great but The others average and one was rubbish? The Affect of one off Key Band member:

Do you pretend its ok if 4 of your fingers are healthy but you cant bend your thumb?

The impact of “compartmentalisation” in Health, and wellbeing ( The opposite of Holistic Health) is becoming more and more apparent. Just try exercising 5 times a week and only eating junk food and watch what happens. Or Put your average Bodybuilder in a Yoga Class and just observe! What happens when Yoga and Bodybuilding worlds collide?

What I am suggesting is that the healthy-ness of each part of our lives is directly connected to the healthy-ness of all other parts of our life and the healthy-ness of our body. Find the key parts, not just the obvious symptoms and unlock the whole thing!!

What if just like An Acorn holds the potential of the whole magnificent Oak Tree within it, our body represents the totality of our potential in the whole of our life.

Which part of your body would be related to the health/disease of your thoughts, your communication, your actions or your happiness? Which Parts would be related to the health of your career, your love life, your sex life?

These questions have shaped what I do with my clients over the last 19 years, how I live my life and how I have my health continue to thrive ( people seem to be very surprised when i say I am 43 years old)

In 2013 I intend my writing including this blog to assist people in seeing the reflection of any part of life in their own health and wellbeing and thereby affect their health and their life symultaneously.

I Welcome questions and comments and they may become my blogs in the future

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The Deathnell of the face cradle




What do the above 3 things have in common?

They are all obsolete! They all have replacements that give huge benefits above and beyond the original item.

Now don’t get me wrong, There is something beautiful about vinyl and Steam engines. My beef is with the use of Face Cradles in Back and full body massage!!

When they were invented they were an alternative to turning your head to one side and causing more tension in your neck! The thing is, every innovation eventually is replaced. I have been using the replacement to the face cradle for 21 years and I am still amazed how many people don’t know about it!

So I am going to war with conventional massage and calling anyone who has had face up back treatment in whatever form to educate therapists and friends alike.

Ask your beautician if they know about the technique which protects them from RSI and back problems for THEM and also means that you do not ever have to lay face down for a MASSAGE treatment.

Even more so if you are Pregnant, elderly or have an above average bust, insist that your massage therapist finds out about how Hydrotherm massage provides for YOUR comfort.





SEE WHAT BEN IS ON ABOUT HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70-G8m9FRbE&feature=youtube_gdata_player




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Blog Review of the effects of Ben Barnetts work from Paula Carnell


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january 2013, The perfect time for a “Holistic Detox”

Prompted by a few of my client’s requests, A couple of weeks ago I began to offer a treatment I call A “Holistic Detox”. It seemed totally fitting for this time of year with 2012 ending at the same time as one Age ending and a New Age beginning.

The most powerful way to enter into something new is to complete on what is Old and clear out what is outdated and unecessary. Simple but not always easy, right? Also Clearing out your Wardrobe might be simple but how do you “Clear out your Emotional Closet” or your Collection of Beliefs or Mental Constructs?

Here are my tips for “Holistic” Detoxing

1) Get Clear that on a holistic level there is no “getting rid of” or “throwing out” of emotions beliefs or energy! if you are ONE WITH EVERYTHING there is nowhere to “empty” things out to! You could say you are the Valuable items, the Rubbish and the Bin you put it in!

2) Given what’s above Holistic Detox must mean something other than just getting rid of things we think are toxic. I mean Altering the State or location of Physical, emotional and conceptual energy: That is Clearing things from where they have become Less useful, stuck or overly significant and allowing them to flow to the next “state”

3) Start with “Truth”(Connected to the back of the Head and the spine) If you have a fixed relationship to Truth eg. it is something that exists somewhere or it is constant or unknown, The rest of your energy forms around This core energy. Try out freeing up “what truth is” Allow it to be something that can Change ie. What was True yesterday may not be True tomorrow or “What is true in one part of life may not be in another.

4) Explore the Space between Emotional and Conceptual extremes: Often energy becomes toxic simply because there is too much of a particular type eg. Too much “Strength” makes a muscle or a mind over challenging, confrontational and eventually inflexible. On the other hand Too much flexibility ends up with a person always fitting around others, adjusting where they stand and even selling out on what they really believe. The space BETWEEN strength and flexibility allows space for strength to flow in when needed and flexiblilty to flow in when required.

5) Remember there is nothing energetically that you are obligated to carry into the future! People walk away from Jobs, relationships, responsibilities and life threatening illnesses every day. Once you realise that just because HAVE something in your life or your body you do not HAVE to suffer from IT New relationships to that “thing” can be created. 1I gave up suffering from hangovers this way after a rather boozy Stag Weekend in my twenties!

6) A toxic relationship to something, food for example often includes Always associating a feeling or action to said thing . An example is having to feel guilt (held around the shoulders) after eating something, or relating to Wanting ( lower back and abdomen) like wanting chocolate, and eating it, as inevitable. Break the cycle by imagining things you hate made of things you like eg. your mother-in-law made of your favourite food! Also practice feeling guilty without eating the chocolate or eating a small piece when you are not craving it to break the emotional cycle represented by satisfying a craving.

7) Make a list of three concepts or words you relate to yourself as eg. Tall, Short, thin, fat, old, young, clever, stupid etc. Then each week notice how many times you experience yourself as the opposite of how you think of yourself ( held around the head and the solar Plexus). For example if you think you are small, experience yourself from the perspective of a 2 year old, or an insect.

8) Notice how much you use words like “Ex”, “Never” ,”Always”, “Usually” or “Normally” for example “my ex girlfriend” “my Normal way of reacting is”. Energetically they are the equivalent of superglue or Train tracks for your thought processes and energy! If you do not use them start doing so to remind you there is a pattern or rule ( relates to the forehead and upper chest) that could be broken if you chose to. If you use them often try introducing the words “Sometimes” “mostly” or “rarely”. The energy of these words has the ability to allow you to recollect past evidence that goes against the overbearing idea, in effect promoting level headed ness rather than a mind already made up.

Let me know what you experience using these tips at ben@benbarnett.org or on my Facebook page www. Facebook.com/htbybb

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Apples, Boobs and a simple sum…

Apples, Boobs and a simple sum….

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What was the end of the world as we know it about?

Here is a simple guide to making the most of the opportunity to end the past and open up to the future that the winter Solstice is.

This one is Special so make the most of it! The annual window to complete the past and align with new actions often done in new year resolutions, is part of a natural annual cycle. This year it occurs at the same time a the extraordinary planetary alignment which greatly magnifies the benefits of letting the unwanted go.

This includes ways of thinking, habits and connections.

Make the effort, you have the whole Galaxy pulling with you!!

Indigo Visions

More art on my website: (www.annett-bank.co.uk)pastel drawings

  1. Ability to learn new concepts, or languages rapidly increases …this stems from opening to all your soul record and remembering who you are
  2. Making a conscious effort to connect to people through the eyes and the heart
  3. Increasing Gnosis (knowledge of spiritual mysteries)
  4. More frequent flashes of ‘inner-tuition’, or intuition
  5. Disconnection from the white noise and negative information (TV and radio)
  6. Seeking holistic health care practitioners as partners in your healing journey…no longer seeking a doctor to “fix you” with prescription drugs
  7. A feeling of being grounded to the core of the earth.
  8. Knowing that these places within your body are showing you about areas of great opportunity for growth on all levels.
  9. Paying attention to the places of pain/restriction  in your body in order to move into them!
  10. A sense of your own power to create with thought, words, and actions
  11. Activating…

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Please share this with mums to be that you know

Holistic therapies by Ben Barnett

Holistic Therapies by Ben Barnett Introduces

Ben Barnett Pregnancy specialist

The picture above shows me giving a Hydrotherm pregnancy massage to a model who was 8 ½ months pregnant.

Hydrotherm allows full body massage with the client laid on their back by supporting them on a cushion of warm water. For Pregnant clients you can incline the back of my table to around 30 degrees, reducing the affect of the foetus on the breathing and circulation of the mother.

I have been treating pregnant clients for over 10 years and I am qualified to teach the Massage during Pregnancy course designed by Hydrotherm’s training team, a lecturer in complementary therapies for midwives, and revised by the Obstetrics specialists for Estee Lauder’s subsidiary, Aveda
a multi-million dollar Spa product and treatment provider, that I worked for at the Aveda spa Harvey Nichols and Harrods for over 3 years combined.

I have…

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New Thursday venue for West London clients: Triyoga, Chelsea

I am happy to announce that my treatments will be available from March 2012 on Thurdays 12 until 4pm in:

Although I will be offering all of my massage related treatments I will be showcasing the Hydrotherm Transformational massage and Hydrotherm pregnancy massage treatments

at launch. Any bookings before the 1st march will receive a 20% discount on their first session.

Call Triyoga or me direct to book on 07891 33 99 43

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New venue for Holistic Therapies by Ben Barnett; Steven Carey Hair and Beauty, Mayfair

I am excited to announce a new, West End venue for my growing Therapy services:


I am here most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays including late appointments for those of you who not available in working hours.

The venue is 5 mins walk from Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus tubes.


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